'In Motion’ is a portrait series that explores the simple in-between gestures of life – small moments become big – little pieces of a city that are anonymous to everyone else that walk through them, but to us feel like home – personal, instinctive, familiar. The first instalment was created in collaboration with photographer Tamibé Bourdanné featuring The Lounge Suit. Our friend Emma takes us on a journey into her intimate London, exploring the impact of very personal memories and their relationship to place. Emma Glynn is a London based designer, pushing creative boundaries on weekdays and dancing in the kitchen on weekends.

GERBASE:   Talk us through this route.
EG:   This area has been a constant for the past five and a half years – it’s provided me with an escape, living in a small apartment and needing that outdoor space. I usually come here to clear my head. I came here on my second date with my partner. We had this cinematic moment where these kids were throwing bottles and eggs, so we ran off down this alleyway to hide – there were fairy lights everywhere, it was somehow very romantic. Whenever I just want to remove myself from my chaotic day I usually walk around here and it lifts my spirits.

GERBASE:   Do you walk with purpose here? What does that look and feel like?
EG:   I always feel like I have somewhere to be, or I’ve got something to think about while I’m in motion, I’m rarely still. I have a constant feeling of moving with purpose – with needing to do something, or to clear my head – I’m not sure where that comes from, maybe it’s because I have quite a chaotic lifestyle. Strolling only ever comes when I detach myself completely, so walking with purpose is a fairly constant feeling.

GERBASE:   How does it feel in your body?
EG:   Urgent. Urgent and necessary.

GERBASE:   Do you have a favourite landmark on this route?
EG:   Yes, there are quite a few markers for me, there are the reeds at the start of the route – sometimes they’re cut, sometimes they’re long and sprawling. I always notice the graffiti and a piece of ivy that drops over the fence just there. There’s the big smiley face at the end of the alleyway which just makes me laugh.

GERBASE:   And if this walk had a colour or texture, what would it be?
EG:   I do think about my partner a lot here, so the smell would probably be his perfume. But I can’t tell you what that is because I’m sworn to secrecy. But it’s quite floral here, springlike. Everything about this place is uplifting. It gives me that child-like, carefree feeling...

GERBASE:   What is the purpose of this route?
EG:   I probably do it once a week – sometimes it’s a stop gap between places and sometimes I come here purposefully. That might be when I’m going for a run or a walk. It might be a Sunday stroll to get coffee or maybe more centered exercise. It’s really a place of solitude, reflection, and escapism from the day to day.


Photography Tamibe Bourdanne
Styling Agata Belcen
Grooming Rina Inata
Words Sophie Bew
Emma Glynn / @elglynn
Featuring The Lounge Suit


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