THE CENTRE AND BEYOND is our second instalment of 'In Motion’ - a portrait series that explores the simple in-between gestures of life. Three remarkable, women photographed on location by Alice Neale at the centre of the city they call home. Here, they offer reflections on what the centre means to them, and the sirenic call of what lies beyond. Stylist Rudi Edwards, sits down with us for a quick fire Q&A in London’s soho, on pub escapism and Brazilian retirement dreams.

Gerbase:   What feels like the ‘centre’ of your world today?
RE:   Charlie Macintosh 

Gerbase:   Where do you go to escape?
RE:   The pub…. Eeek, I know…

Gerbase:   What are your core values or beliefs?
RE:   Be whoever you want to be!!! Be kind. Work hard. 

Gerbase:   How does the city make you feel?
RE:   Safe 

Gerbase:   Is there a place you’d like to go that you’ve never been to before?
RE:   Bahia! I think I’ll grow old by the beach in the sun.  


Photography Alice Neale
Styling Agata Belcen
Grooming Rina Inata & Takuya Uchiyama
Art Direction & Words Lucy Kumara Moore
Rudi Edwards / @rudiedwards
Featuring The Linen Suit

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