Photographer Hugo Mapelli and stylist Lune Kuipers explore the modularity of Gerbase. Jewellery.

The recycled gold Ear Cuff Collection [seen above] and Denali diamond cut 9 carat recycled gold snake chains are featured throughout. Linking bracelets and necklace lengths in infinite possibilities through their ingenious spring-form clasps.

Nested Denali gold chains, necklace lengths and bracelet.

“If the form of an object turns out to be ‘beautiful’ it will be thanks to the logic of its construction and to the precision of the solutions found for its various components.

It is ‘beautiful’ because it is just right. An exact project produces a beautiful object, beautiful not because it is like a piece of sculpture, even modern sculpture, but because it is only like itself.”

Bruno Munari

The Eiger Ear Cuff – inspired by natural form, playing on curves and sharp planes.

Photographer Hugo Mapelli
Styling & Art Direction Lune Kuipers
Featuring The 9-ct Gold Denali Necklace, Bracelet and Eiger Ear Cuff

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