Photographer Hugo Mapelli and stylist Lune Kuipers explore the modularity of Gerbase. Jewellery in a series of playful tangles.

Denali diamond cut 9 carat recycled gold snake chains featured throughout. Linking bracelets and necklace lengths in infinite possibilities through their ingenious spring-form clasps.

Nested Denali gold chains, necklace lengths and bracelet.

Modular Denali chains joined together with their unique interlinking spring clasp.

“In Ethnology, as in other sciences, nothing is too insignificant to receive attention. Indeed it is a matter of common experience among scientists that apparently trivial objects or operations have an interest and importance that are by no means commensurate with the estimation in which they are ordinarily held.

To the casual observer few amusements offer, at first sight, a less promising field for research than does the simple string figures of our childhood; and, indeed, it is only when the comparative method is applied to it that we begin to discover that they, too, have an important place in the cultural history of man”

Alfred C. Haddon, Cambridge, England, July 1905

Photographer Hugo Mapelli
Styling & Art Direction Lune Kuipers
Featuring The 9-ct Gold Denali Necklace and Bracelet

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