Bodily Self –
                 I am


by Nicolette de SaintAmour

Our bodies are a process, our structure is a slowed down process, occurring during the in-betweens of our daily living. We get to know more about selves by becoming aware of our bodies, the forming of ourself as a living some body. To discover ones own rhythmicity is the basis of our connection to our individuation, matching the rhythms of changing days, full moons, crescent moons, - with the rhythms of pulsation, streaming, vibration we feel in our bodies.

To participate in the continuum of self forming is how we become conscious, awake and aware. Through becoming more conscious we connect more intimately with the cosmos as reflection of our expansion in feeling and embodying expression.

This revelation instills within us an awe and respect for the sacredness of how life forms, ourselves as part of the formative process seeking completion, seeking satisfaction, the willingness to accept feelings and sensations.

By being in tune with our body rhythms through awareness, we don't mistake ourselves for a social image, instead we build a bodily self- a somebody, from pleasure, joy, or pain and sorrow. The soup of feeling, an emotional odyssey of our myth.

Nicolette De SaintAmour is somatic movement practitioner, who has explored for the last decade studying the life of the body through its bio energetic process. Born in Maputo, Mozambique Nicolette had a nomadic upbringing in her early life which has deeply influenced her interest in life turning points/ transitions; how the body takes form, adapting to ever changing environment giving rise to our myth. In her learning and teaching she links the relationship and interplay of the physical body, emotions and thinking. @nikidesaintamour

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