The Space
               In Between

by Paula Gerbase

The Japanese kanji ‘間’, which originated from a Chinese character, has multiple phonetic readings, meaning a gap between two things when read as ‘aida’, plus a room or pause when read as ‘ma’. The Japanese consciousness draws an often indistinct line between notions of ’time’ and ’space’. These readings add depth and complexity to the term ‘間’, and cultivate unique aesthetics and historical ideas - such as the existence of nothingness.

Gerbase. was inspired and founded on the concept of Ma.

A space in between - for ideas to gather fluidly, without constraint. I have found that it is in the moments of silence, rest, and seeming ’nothingness’, that the biggest learnings have come.

Marking the launch of, after many months of thoughtful discussion around how things come to life, how we source, and how to create a communal space not solely owned by us, but a space for others to gather, to express, to agree and to disagree. A space to put forward people we admire, work by artisans we’ve discovered and collaborated with, and some of the innovations which have been 3 years in gestation that are finally with us, not led by seasons but by unapologetically setting our own pace.

We hope to create a space where we honour both tradition and innovation. Drawing from ancient weaving techniques led us to the developments that have come to life in our new Eucalyptus BioYarn Skins, entirely engineered from botanical materials and fully biodegradable. All of our shirting, tailoring and jewellery are crafted in partnership with specialised ateliers using found materials - foraged with time, curiosity and care, all limited by the scarcity of the fine vintage raw materials.

Finally, Salon, a space created with friends and collaborators near and far - an ever evolving space for ideas to gather, and an invitation to enjoy different perspectives and creative and critical thought, uninhibited by time and space.

With gratitude and admiration to all of the team who have not only contributed their time, care and vision to the project, but who have also put their trust in me, and in the idea that there is an alternative way to bring things into the world, without compromise and with freedom.


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