Paula Gerbase is a London-based designer and Creative Director. Her practice balances rigorous design processes and a meticulous attention to detail with spontaneity, discovery and an openness to chance.

This duality, formed in part by her multi-cultural background, underpins everything she does. Function is followed by ornamentation; careful consideration gives way to chaos. It’s a way of working which resists simple categorisation, lending itself instead to intuitive exploration on an individual timeframe.


A multi-disciplinarian by nature, Gerbase is innately collaborative. Throughout her life she has been drawn to like minded artisans, seeking out their extraordinary unused materials. The designer then repurposes these, with a view to regenerate what is leftover rather than add to the Earth’s deficit. This ethos is reinforced by her love of the natural world; she is an avid climber, most at home on a mountaintop.