Lucy Kumara Moore Writer, Curator & Creative Consultant

Lucy Kumara Moore is a writer, art director, consultant and director of Claire de Rouen bookshop in East London. @lucykumaramoore

Agata Belcen Stylist & Creative Consultant

Agata is a stylist and fashion editor based in London. She flies planes and rides horses in her spare time. @agatabelcen

Alice Neale Photographer

Inspired by her love of film, character and with an interest in an artificially-constructed voyeurism, Alice’s images feel raw and slightly aloof. @alice_eneale

Jamie Waters Writer

Jamie is a freelance writer who grew up on the beaches of Perth, Western Australia and is now based in East London. He writes about fashion, culture and science for publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Observer and the Financial Times. @jamie_waters

Sophie Bew Write & Editor

Sophie is a London-based writer and editor - she edits the print edition of AnOther Magazine. @sophie_bew

Tamibé Bourdanné Photographer

Tamibé Bourdanné is a photographer based in London, his work revolves around places and people. A spontaneous photographer at heart, He loves to show the world from different perspectives with emotive eyes. @tamibebourdanne

Jaja Hargreaves Creative Consultant

Jaja Hargreaves works as a visual researcher for the creative industry and creates collages in collaboration with Mat Maitland. @julystars

Lune Kuipers Stylist & Set Designer

Paris-based Lune Kuipers works as stylist and set designer, she takes her inspiration from the realms of art and theatre. @lunekuipers

Hugo Mapelli Photographer

Hugo has a desire to create his own photographic language through colour and unique experimentation with a blending analogue and digital. @_hugomapelli

Paul Scala Photographer

Paul Scala is a photographer and artist living in London. @paulscala

Daisy Hildyard Writer

Daisy Hildyard is an author based in the north of England. Emergency (2022), tells stories of the global connections, and the human-nonhuman relationships, within a small rural area.

Laima Leyton Artist, Musician & Producer

Laima is a London based Brazilian artist, musician, producer, mother and activist. Her work encompasses sonic pieces, video and performance, exploring the tension between domesticity and creativity. @laimaleyton

Atelier Dyakova Visual Communications

Atelier Dyakova is a London based visual communication agency that works with artists, creative brands and cultural institutions. Their approach is rooted in conceptual and typographic experimentation developed through research with attention to haptic details. @atelierdyakova

Paul Phung Photographer

Paul is known for his enigmatic black and white photographs. The London-based artist primarily captures people – often in motion, and often in physical contact with others – creating images alive with “textures, melancholic moods, shapes and silhouettes.” @paulphung

Nicolette De SaintAmour Writer & Movement Practitioner

Nicolette De SaintAmour is somatic movement practitioner, who has explored for the last decade studying the life of the body through its bio energetic process. @nikidesaintamour

Cecilia Byrne Writer

Cecilia Byrne is the founder of Endless Rhythm, a water community crafting unique hand-thrown, gravity-fed water filters to physically and energetically enhance the water. @endless.rhythm

Pete Hellyer Creative Consultant

Pete Hellyer is a London-based creative and digital director working with purpose led brands to craft compelling stories and experiences. @petehellyer

Maisie Skidmore Writer

Maisie Skidmore writes about fashion, art and design, and their intersection in contemporary culture. She lives in London. @maisieskidmore

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