Gerbase. tailoring offers a new way of looking at fashion, at the way things come to life, and how they are lived in and grow with the wearer. Made only with the finest non-virgin materials, the Gerbase. offering is purposeful beyond the cycle of seasons. All is evergreen.

We offer made-to-measure as an optional, complimentary service and all tailoring ready to wear pieces are also available to purchase as seen, with immediate shipping.

Our showroom is open by appointment daily, 10am - 5pm. 

To book a personal fitting and alterations consultation at our London studio and receive further details about Gerbase. tailoring please contact the studio

Dialogue is the essence of Gerbase: the design approach evolves in response to the possibilities presented by each discovered material, and the conversation continues as the owner interacts with the finished piece. Over time, each piece is burnished by experience.

Hand made in the tradition of classic fine tailoring, our atelier works expertly with skills passed on through generations.